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2015/05: New Tadiran Lithium Batteries Product Data Catalogue

Tadiran Lithium Batteries Product Data Catalogue The new product data catalog presents the product line of Tadiran Batteries GmbH. It contains information on lithium-thionyl chloride (LTC) batteries, PulsesPlus batteries and hybrid layer capacitor (HLC) and Tadiran lithium metal oxide (TLM) batteries.

Tadiran Lithium Batteries Product Data Catalogue

2017/04: Tadiran: One Bobbintype Lithium thionyl chloride battery is not like the outher

Metering International The major advantages of lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) cells in comparison with other chemical systems are their high-energy density as well as their low self-discharge rate. To optimise the system, many manufacturers put additional substances into the electrolyte and simply offer cells with this single composition. Usually, these ingredients lead to a better pulse current response. The flip side is that they also have a higher self-discharge rate.

Article by Marc Henn published in METERING & SMART ENERGY INTERNATIONAL, Issue 2 2017

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2013/06: Investigations into the lifetime of gas meter batteries in the Netherlands

Metering International By 2020 there will be about seven million smart gas meters installed in the Netherlands, using batteries that are supposed to last for about 20 years. The long lifetime of the battery is crucial, because an operation to replace them would be on a large scale and therefore expensive. A study of the Dutch DSOs shows: predicted and actual battery lifetimes are in line.

Article by Horst Reuning and Machiel Joosse published in METERING INTERNATIONAL, Issue 2 2013

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2013/06: Battery Life Study

Battery Life Study Netbeheer Nederland initiated a study, where gas meters (supplied with energy by Tadiran lithium batteries) were taken back from the field after five years of operation. The results corresponded to the anticipated battery life of 20 years and more.

Article by Dr. Thomas Dittrich published in Modern Utility Management, Issue Two 2013

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2012/10: Netbeheer confirms lifetime of Tadiran Lithium Batteries in Dutch gas meters

Netbeheer confirms lifetime of Tadiran Lithium Batteries in Dutch gas meters Netbeheer Nederland, the Association of Energy Network Operators in the Netherlands, has just completed the first part of a research study investigating the life of lithium batteries used in smart gas meters in Holland. The results of this study were presented at the 2012 Metering Europe conference in Amsterdam. They confirm Tadiran’s predictions with respect to the long term behaviour of their batteries.

Netbeheer Battery Study

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