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Power Pack helps to locate mobile objects

Stand alone equipment using GSM modules is a challenge for the power source. It must provide both high current pulses and long service life. The PulsesPlus™ technology overcomes the shortcomings of conventional solutions by combining Tadiran Batteries primary batteries with one or more Hybrid Layer Capacitors.
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PulsesPlus Battery System for Long Term and Wide Operating Temperature Range Applications

Paper presented at the 19th International Seminar and Exhibit on Primary and Secondary Batteries, March 2002, by C. Menachem and H. Yamin
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Light but strong

Conventional primary batteries are not optimized for remote monitoring and locating equipment based on GSM or GPS. Only recently, the PulsesPlus™ battery has become available, which is the ideal solution for such applications. Paper published in German in ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS 7/2001, by G. Semrau.
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Hybrid Primary Battery for Applications requiring High Current Pulses

Vortrag von der 39ten Power Sources Conference, Juni 2000, von H. Yamin und M. Babai Paper presented at the 39th Power Sources Conference, June 2000, by H. Yamin and M. Babai
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PulsesPlus Battery System for High Energy High Power Applications

Tadiran Batteries Ltd. developed a new power source, the PulsesPlus™ battery. Paper presented at the 17th International Seminar and Exhibit on Primary & Secondary Batteries, March 2000, by H. Yamin et al.
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