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Internet Of Things (lot)

Internet Of Things (lot)

For more than 20 years Tadiran provides tailor-made battery solutions for smart measuring systems.

The application of Tadiran Lithium Batteries within the Internet of Things (IoT) covers the entire field of intelligent and networked automation. Not only traditional industrial sensors can be reliably wirelessly integrated into production processes; novel measuring, reporting or monitoring equipment can also run “outdoors” thanks to the high reliability of the Tadiran battery and its resistance to extreme environmental conditions, in arctic cold as well as in the hot zones of the world. Tadiran’s PulsesPlus™ battery is the best choice if such systems with wireless standards such as LoRa, NB-IoT or GSM need decentralized supply for 10 or 20 years.

Some applications also rely on energy harvesting as the supply concept. The Tadiran lithium-ion battery TLIoffers a perfect base for this. They can be charged and discharged even in extreme environmental conditions and are also characterized by high cycle stability, low calendar aging and low self-discharge. Thus, it is also possible to design small durable rechargeable systems.

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NeoMesh wireless sensors
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Applications and their best suiting battery group:

Best suiting battery group

Lithium/Thionyl Chloride (LTC-)Batteries
PulsesPlustm Batteries
Tadiran Lithium Metal Oxide (TLM-)Batteries
Tadiran Lithium Ion (TLI-)Batteries
Smart measuring instruments
Smart data loggers
Smart sensors
Smart observation devices

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