LiSOCl2 (LTC) Batteries

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LiSOCl2 (LTC) Batteries

The Tadiran lithium/thionyl chloride (LTC) inorganic electrolyte battery is a power source that is suited to the requirements of the new generation in microelectronics. For example, CMOS memories as well as utility meters require a lightweight power source providing safe and reliable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions, for long periods of time.

The Tadiran inorganic battery is a component that can be permanently connected to a circuit, in many cases for the lifetime of the equipment.

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Batteries of SL-300 series – standard use and stand-by

Nominal voltage
Nominal capacity
Nominal current
Max. current
Temperature- range
in mm
/S /T /P /PR /PT
3.6 V
1.2 Ah
0.6 mA
6 mA
–55…+85 °C
Ø 14.5 × 25
/S /T /P /PR /PT
3.6 V
1.6 Ah
1 mA
10 mA
–55…+85 °C
Ø 14.5 × 33
/S /T /P /PR /PT
3.6 V
2.4 Ah
2 mA
20 mA
–55…+85 °C
Ø 14.5 × 50

Available Terminations

S Standard

S Standard

T Tags

T Tags

/P Pins 1)

P Pins

/PR Pins Radial 2)

PR Pins Radial

/PT Polarized Tags 2)

PT Polarized Tags

1) /P Pins: not available for size DD; for flat cells SL-840, SL-886 and SL-889 refer to the respective data sheet

2) /PR Pins Radial and /PT Polarized Tags: available for sizes ½ AA, ⅔ AA, AA only

Please note, any values given here are for informational purpose only.They also depend on actual conditions of use and are not warranties of future performance.Subject to change.