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Utility Metering

Utility Metering

The application of lithium batteries in utility metering ranges from back-up for memory and real time clock to 20 years of stand-alone power for GSM communication modules. Tadiran lithium batteries have been used by leading meter manufacturers since the early 1980’s and, in particular, since the early 1990’s, as a power source for electronic gas meters. Tadiran’s Lithium/Thionyl Chloride technology is best suited where low power is required for a long time.

Tadiran’s PulsesPlus battery is the best choice where radio modules or GSM modules need to be powered for 10 and up to 20 years.

Some smart electricity meters need a rechargeable battery in order to maintain the communication function during a power failure. Tadiran’s Lithium Ion batteries are ideally suited for this application.

Applications and their best suiting battery group:

Best suiting battery group

Lithium/Thionyl Chloride (LTC-)Batteries
PulsesPlustm Batteries
Tadiran Lithium Metal Oxide (TLM-)Batteries
Tadiran Lithium Ion (TLI-)Batteries
Atomatic meter reading (AMR)
Electricity, gas, water, heat, calorimeters
Heat cost allocators
Prepayment meters
Communication modules
Smart electricity meters with a GSM module

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