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Our Vision


Our Vision


Our Vision


Our Vision

Long term corporate goals

The objective of our company is the development, manufacture and marketing of lithium batteries which are considered as number one products by our customers. Through high efficiency and continual improvement of our work we ensure the growth of our company, in the interest of our customers, our employees and our shareholders. This includes, under consideration of the effective regulations and laws, the continual improvement in such areas as environment protection, quality and safety.

Importance of quality

By quality we understand the fulfilment of the requirements and expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees. The management and employees of Tadiran Batteries GmbH, consider the quality of their products and services to be decisive for their continuing success.

Environment and safety

Our company employs procedures that eliminate environment and safety risks for its employees, neighborhoods and product users. The fulfilment of legal and other regulations is considered as a minimum requirement.

Responsibility of management and employees

Every employee takes on his share of responsibility in the process of continual improvement in our company. He orients his daily work by the expectations of his internal and external customers. This includes the demands of economy, environment protection and safety. Every individual sets an example while achieving the quality and environmental targets. Leadership personnel supports and promotes measures and attitudes that are necessary to achieve the targets.

This is particularly supported by the implementation of the WORLD CLASS philosophy including workshops and internal audits within the group.

Satisfied customers

No. 1 in quality

Safety and environment

Management & employees


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