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Low Temperature Battery

The importance of reliable and durable batteries cannot be overstated in preserving critical elements of the cold chain, from tissue samples to life-saving medical supplies.

Low temperature batteries are a standout innovation, carefully crafted to endure and perform well in extremely cold environments.

In this article, we will learn more about Li-SOCl2 low temperature battery, a technological marvel designed to thrive in the most challenging environments. We’ll explain how its durability helps different industries and why having a good-quality battery is essential.


Why Is Low Temperature Battery Important?

Bobbin-type low temperature batteries emerge as the frontrunners for applications demanding resilience in sub-zero conditions. Their superiority lies in delivering the highest specific energy and energy density among all battery types.

The lithium thionyl chloride chemistry is the secret part, allowing these batteries to maintain optimal performance even in temperatures plummeting as low as -100°C. In addition, this type of battery can be used as a battery for high temperature applications such as autoclave sterilization. 


Low Temperature Battery

Here are several reasons highlighting the importance of low temperature battery:

Preservation of Sensitive Materials

Low temperature batteries play a crucial role in the cold chain, ensuring the preservation of temperature-sensitive materials. These batteries help maintain consistent and optimal temperatures, safeguarding the integrity of these critical items.

Reliable Operation in Harsh Environments

Environments with sub-zero temperatures pose significant challenges to conventional batteries. Low temperature batteries are specifically engineered to operate reliably in extremely cold conditions, providing a dependable power source where standard batteries might falter.

Extended Battery Life in Cold Environments

Low temperature battery, particularly the ones with high energy density and low self-discharge rates, are designed for prolonged use. In cold environments, where standard batteries may experience reduced efficiency, these batteries excel by delivering a steady current for extended periods, enhancing the longevity of devices and systems.

Enhanced Performance in Cryogenic Environments

In specialized applications such as cryogenic storage, where temperatures can reach ultra-low levels, low temperature battery demonstrate their capability by maintaining operational efficiency even in these extreme conditions.


The Crucial Role of Low Temperature Battery in Medical Devices

In the medical field, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Low temperature battery finds its niche in medical devices that require continuous monitoring and operation in extreme conditions. 

The ability to endure the freezing temperatures necessary for preserving sensitive medical materials and the high temperatures of autoclave sterilization makes them a versatile choice for medical battery pack

This includes radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time location systems (RTLS). 

Low temperature batteries redefine endurance. They are built to provide a steady low current, ranging from microamps to low milliamps, for an extended period, up to an impressive 40 years.

This longevity, coupled with high energy density, ample capacity, and an exceptionally low self-discharge rate, position them as the go-to solution for applications demanding prolonged, reliable power.

If you’re looking for the best choice, go for Tadiran Batteries. Our low temperature battery excels in frigid conditions, and its robust performance in extreme heat further distinguishes it from other lithium chemistries. 

The absence of water in the electrolyte and the stability of materials make lithium thionyl chloride cells stand out, ensuring reliable operation even in an autoclave or chemical sterilization system. 

This ability to operate in a wide temperature range, from extreme cold to high heat, positions Tadiran Batteries as a superior choice.

All this and more is the reason why you should fill out the contact form and check out why Tadiran’s batteries are renowned and appreciated and why they stand out amongst other battery factories out there.



Why is a low temperature battery necessary for applications in extremely cold environments?

Low temperature batteries are crucial in extremely cold environments because conventional batteries often experience reduced efficiency and even failure in sub-zero conditions. 

These specialized batteries are designed to withstand extreme cold, ensuring reliable power sources for critical applications like preserving medical supplies, tissue samples, and other temperature-sensitive materials. 

How do low temperature batteries differ from regular batteries, and what advantages do they offer?

Low temperature batteries differ from regular batteries in their composition and design. Unlike standard batteries, low temperature batteries, particularly those utilizing lithium thionyl chloride chemistry, are specifically crafted to excel in cold environments.

The advantages include higher energy density, longer-lasting power in extreme conditions, and a wider operating temperature range. These batteries also demonstrate superior performance in both low and high-temperature scenarios, making them versatile for applications ranging from cryogenic storage to high-temperature autoclave sterilization processes.


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